Idea competition for the new centre of Leppävaara: SuperPlus

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    Apr 2024
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SuperPlus -proposal is awarded the 4th shared prize for the new Centre of Leppävaara competition. The goal of the design competition was to find an architecturally, urbanistically, and functionally high-quality overall plan for the area north of the railway line, enhancing the area’s recognizability and attractiveness.

The team:

ECHO Urban Design
Robbert Jan van der Veen – Urbanist (Msc)
Nora Kooijmans – Landscape architect (Msc)
Rick Schoonderbeek – Urbanist (Msc)
Lieke Marijnissen – Urbanist (Msc)
Menno de Roode – Urban designer and landscape designer (Msc)

Planetary Architecture:
Pekka Pakkanen – Architect (Msc)
Meri Wiikinkoski – Architect (Msc)
Sofia Juntunen – Student of Architecture

Päivi Raivio – Designer (MA), Placemaking consultant

Paula Riipi – Project Development Manager (Msc)
Henri Olander – Project Development Trainee (Bsc)
Erno Kuivalainen – Project Development Manager (Msc)
Tuukka Laitila – Project Development Director (Msc)
Hannu Lokka – SVP, Strategic Project Development, Corporate Executive Team member

Petri Saarelainen – Transportation planning manager (Master of Engineering)

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