RaivioBumann invited to Concentrico Festival

RaivioBumann has been invited to take part in Concentrico: the International Festival of Architecture and Design of Logroño that annually proposes to reflect on the urban environment and the city. The Festival invites visitors to explore the city through installations, exhibitions, meetings and activities that propose new collective uses, strengthening the idea of community in the public space.

Our installation “Basic Forms (of Urban Life)” is an interactive installation that challenges the conventional norms of urban design, focusing on disruption and embracing disorder within cities and public places. In contrast to the structured nature of the built environment, the installation takes on a life of its own when activated by people. It dynamically adapts, forming new shapes, meanings, and eliciting diverse reactions from those interacting with it.

The installation is very characteristic to our work, which is often interactive with a focus on how people connect to each other, the space, and the surrounding city and it’s phenomena. For us public space is a vast source of inspiration as well as a framework and a tool for changing the cities of the future.

Through our work we want to investigate how temporary installations and interventions can have a permanent and positive effect in urban development. Many of our projects have worked as a catalyst and sparked a more long term development process.

2024 marks the 10th year of turning places around together – and working towards more layered, diverse cities. We will soon publish more about the installation and thoughts behind it!

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Our project is supported by Instituto Iberoamericano de Finlandia