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From concept planning and urban transformations to talks and workshops, our goal is to engage, inspire, and collaborate toward creating better cities and enviroments.
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Our mission is to enliven spaces through creative placemaking and urban design. We collaborate with cities, municipalities, cultural institutions, architects, and landscape architects.

We are driven by a passion for igniting urban change and transforming our cities into vibrant hubs of connection and community. We specialize in reimagining public spaces through placemaking and urban design, which foster meaningful interactions among people.

We aim to shape how individuals experience their urban environments and how they engage with their fellow residents and neighbors. Using placemaking, tactical urbanism and urban design, together we can unlock the potential of our urban spaces and set the direction for more liveable cities: more vibrant, greener and connected!

Our services include

  • Urban design
  • Placemaking projects and urban experiments
  • Urban greening projects
  • Participation design and facilitation
  • Public art works and projects
  • Phasing planning
  • Concept planning
  • Workshops, training and co-design events

Through our extensive network we can also expand projects to architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, graphic design and place branding.

Unlock the potential of placemaking: swift, impactful actions in urban spaces unite communities, creating sociable, ecological neighborhoods. Placemaking initiatives encompass a range of visible actions such as pocket parks, interventions, events, and more, all of which serve as catalysts for shaping the direction of a place. Core to our work are participation and social bonds, connected through diverse engagement techniques. In our placemaking endeavors, our mission involves aligning it with the broader vision for the city.

Our portfolio spans diverse placemaking projects in newly constructed neighborhoods, established urban areas, vacant properties and lots, and existing structures. We engage in a variety of placemaking interventions, place programming, and phasing plans.

Urban design
We work with interconnected urban areas, providing a range of services, including consultations, strategic planning, the execution of urban experiments, and action-based research. Our expertise lies in exploring the impact of temporary installations and interventions aligned with the long term development of urban areas. We have witnessed firsthand how inventive interventions can leave lasting marks, shaping the trajectory of urban evolution and expansion.

Public & spatial art
Incorporating public art and spatial installations is a fundamental aspect of many of our projects. These elements enhance place identity and enrich the urban experience by adding new layers and experientiality to the city. Collaborating with artists and creatives, we curate artworks as integral components of our placemaking initiatives. We actively engage in artistic endeavors, encompassing spatial, site-specific, and interactive artworks, as well as the development of public art programs.

Co-creation & talks
Co-creation and participatory design are the foundations of our approach. We firmly believe that great cities are created collaboratively. Our work involves designing and conducting workshops for both citizens and professionals in placemaking, public art, co-creation, and urban design. Additionally, we offer lectures and training sessions for city planners, cultural institutions, and various other stakeholders. The feedback we’ve received from our workshops has been very inspiring!

Our clients & partners