Vuotalo Urban Garden

Greening grey squares

The temporary installation, Vuosaari Urban Garden combined seating and gardening features, offering a pleasant resting spot within the open public square of Mosaiikkitori in Vuosaari. The square is dominated with grey and hard surfaces and the garden added the much needed softness and vibrancy into the space.

The space was collaboratively planned with students from Vuosaari High School as part of an urban planning course led by Päivi Raivio.

The cultivation of plants took place within Vuotalo gallery as a component of the Orastus project. Established in spring 2015 and in place until 2017 – the garden continuously welcomed various passersby and the plants, nurtured by local children, thrived and flourished over time. The project has had continuation on the other side of the square, with Parkly’s modular furniture.