Keidas installation by JKMM greening the city
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    Amos Rex / Konstsamfundet
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Keidas served as a lush meeting point in the heart of the city, symbolizing hope for the future. This urban garden commemorated the 80th anniversary of Amos Rex’s owner, Konstsamfundet, as a gift to the city of Helsinki and its inhabitants.

Comprising 80 wooden frames, Keidas housed over 30 varieties of herbs, edible flowers, and vegetables. Among the thriving plant towers were pansies, chili peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, parsley, sage, lavender, mint, young apple trees, and numerous others. All the plants and construction materials were earmarked for reuse after the installation.

Operational from August 1 to September 6, 2020, Keidas culminated in an open event where hundreds of plants and apple trees were distributed to school gardens and individuals within the community.

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Design: Asmo Jaaksi, JKMM architects
Production: Päivi Raivio, RaivioBumann
Carpentry: Jan Leutola, Treeform
Plants: Labby Garden

Photos: Koptercam