Tunne + Tila

From in-between places into places with meaning
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    Rauma, Varkaus and Oulu
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    MSL and Kone Foundation
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Tunne+Tila is a series of site-specific environmental installations that took place during 2014-2016 in the cities of Rauma, Varkaus, and Oulu. The placemaking process was designed to activate unused spaces and reimagine them collaboratively with the community. The site-specific installations aimed to introduce different layers to the space and animate it in various ways, utilizing edible plants, gardening, and community action to craft elements for the new identity, transforming the spaces in-between into experiential sites.

The inaugural installation in the series was situated in the garden of a disused house in Rauma. In Varkaus, the installations were located within the historic quarters designated for factory workers, while in Oulu, a vast area behind the city’s theater served as the location.

In Rauma, the installation, along with its pavilion frames, invited people to pause and linger in the wild garden. By activating the space, the installation granted the site a temporary identity, sparking discussions among Rauma’s residents regarding the future of Sepän talo. At the project’s conclusion, the house was opened to the public, and a panel discussion was held to align the locals’ wishes with a shared vision. Presently, the house has been saved from demolition and is slated for renovation into an arts and community space.

TUNNE+TILA was part of the project A Sense of Place by the Union for Rural Education and was supported by Koneen Säätiö. Rauma project production was done in collaboration with RaumArs.