Tila toiseen

Action research for more empathic city for young people
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    Vuotalo Cultural Centre
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“Tila Toiseen” is a public art and urban design initiative aimed at investigating the dynamics of public spaces within the Vuosaari center, specifically focusing on the area between Vuotalo cultural center and Vuosaari High School. Anticipated transformations in dynamics and connections expected to occur following the completion of the new high school building in 2021.

The project revolved around understanding how young individuals perceive and engage with public spaces. Through discussions and experimental initiatives, our goal was to challenge the unspoken norms governing public spaces and transform them into platforms that foster greater social interaction.

Additionally, we aimed to encourage young students to express themselves more openly in public areas, whether through increased noise, movement, diverse languages, or by exploring new ways to engage within these spaces. Throughout the project, we gathered elements and narratives to create a “soft city” map of the area, aiding in our understanding of spatial and everyday experiences.

The project involves workshops, surveys, discussions, and interventions. As the project’s culmination, a temporary public artwork was created in spring 2021 to make young people’s voice visible and visual element of public space.

Collaboration with Vuosaari High School was integral to the realization of this project.