Pollination Station

Moving urban nature into cities
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The Pollination Station initiative champions urban nature, biodiversity, and pollinators, emphasizing innovative approaches to urban transformation. The Mobile Pollination Station is designed with pollinator-friendly plants, employing vibrant colors and inviting scents that easily attract bees and other pollinators. Additionally, the project includes engaging arts and crafts workshops aimed at exploring and educating schoolchildren about urban nature themes.

The experimental installation also aims to rethink the use of cars in urban realm – and how we as designers can push for more human and nature centric alternatives for “infrastructure”.

In 2019, we established a significant-scale Pollination Station atop a substation – a vacant lot situated in downtown Helsinki. This venture was an experimentation with mobility, emphasizing key themes such as rapid urban transformation and the requisite infrastructure for cities.

This initiative is a part of the Green Infra concept and has received support from the Alli Paasikivi Foundation.