Helsinki Market Square urban experiments

Places for people

The urban experiments at Helsinki Market Square were established to revitalize two parking areas that were repurposed to accommodate more space for people. This transformation is a key aspect of developing the market area and the southern harbor area as a cohesive unit.

Our modular pop-up park, situated adjacent to the Old Market Hall, served as an open, free-to-all space for visitors and passersby. It quickly became a highly popular spot, offering sea views, snack areas, play zones, and spaces for relaxation. The park was enhanced with sculptor Petri Eskelinen’s Seascape/Merinäkymä lenses, providing an almost tangible water element and a fresh perspective on Helsinki’s beloved seafront.

Designed by Studio Puisto Arkkitehdit, the stage and seating area near the main market stalls, known as the “Archipelago,” were utilized for small events. During the summer of 2019, the area also hosted weekly open dance lessons.

In conjunction with the urban experiment, we formulated and analyzed the experimentation process. This initiative aimed to support the City of Helsinki and Helsinki Urban Spaces in strengthening and enhancing future experimentation projects.

Photos: Jussi Hellsten