WHAT WE DO? We are public artists, urban designers and placemakers. Our work focuses on developing public space to be more magnetic, inclusive and interactive – and fun. Our work aims to bring out the hidden potential and develop the identity of public space and the built environment. Our clients and partners include e.g. cities and municipalities, architects and museums. 

We use tools such as feasibility studies, artistic research, workshops and prototyping ideas, resulting in a concrete outcome. We usually work with the “light, quick and easy” -approach, but also develop permanent solutions and designs. We are often actively involved in the realisation or construction phase of a project since it provides much important feedback and boosts interaction in the community. Our background in community and public art and scenography direct our approach.

We are passionate about initiating change by re-choreographing the dynamics of public space and sparking encounters between people. We want to influence how people feel at home in cities and how they use public spaces to connect with their fellow citizens and neighbours. We believe better public places can truly increase the liveability of a city. Through our work we investigate how temporary installations and interventions can have a permanent effect in the urban development. We firmly believe in this power for change. For us public space is a vast source of inspiration as well as a framework and a tool for changing the cities of the future.