About us & What we do

What we do / Tätä me teemme:
Design for public spaces / Julkisen tilan suunnittelu
Placemaking projects / Kaupunginosien ja paikkojen elävöittäminen
Installations / Installaatiot
Spatial design for events / Tapahtumien tilasuunnittelu
Strategies and plans for temporary use / Väliaikaiskäytön suunnittelu
Public art & 1% art / Julkisen tilan taide & prosenttitaide
Interior and spatial design / Sisustus- ja tilasuunnittelu

 We design and transform public spaces, wastelands and in-between-spaces with permanent or temporary installations. Our background and experience in public art, set design and urban gardening direct our approach. Our aim is to create and build spatial experiences, magnetic places, interactive interventions and stronger identities for places. Community involvement is often part of the creative process, generating a bond between the space and its users.
Päivi Raivio is an artist-designer with a focus in public art, particitopary design and site specific art. She studied the subjects in London and Helsinki. Päivi has self-initiated and been commissioned on a wide range of projects from concept planning, site specific installations to placemaking processes.

DanielDaniel Bumann is a designer-artist with a background in set design. He studied art and set design in Bern and Vienna, before moving to Finland for studies in Aalto. Daniel has a wide knowledge in developing solutions to make ideas work in real life. In addition to his own artistic projects, he has worked in several museums and galleries building sets and exhibitions.