Book release
Our City? Countering exclusion in public space -book (Stipo 2019) covers topics such as gentrification, touristification, inclusion and desigining with people and many more. Our placemaking project for Lähiöprojekti Meri-Rastilamme  is introduced as a local case study of how to turn an unwelcoming public square into an inclusive place for all.

The book is now out and can be ordered via this link.  A local book launch and a talk was organised during and in collaboration with Lähiöfest in September 2019.

Helsinki Market Square – places for people
The iconic Helsinki Market Square is developed by experimenting with placemaking-led designs and solutions. The former parking lots have been removed and replaced with places for people and activities. They are designed by RaivioBumann in collaboration with Studio Puisto architects and commissioned by Torikorttelit, which developes the market & old town area and premises.

Virta wins the first prize in a public art competition in Lahti
Our proposal Virta won the first prize for a public art competition organised by the city of Lahti and YIT for a park in Ruoriniemi residential area. Virta aims to bring life and an active, strong identity for the park. The stream of logs can be viewed from the upper floors of the surrounding residential buildings. Virta invites people to walk, balance and sit on the colored logs – and to encounter others. The work will be realised in 2020. Read more.

Lively river quarters in Turku
RaivioBumann is collaborating with JKMM Architects to develop a urban design concept for the historic quarter in Turku for Åbo Akademi. The concepts “Lehti” and “Juuri” are based on lighter, placemaking-based approach and a more architectural solutions, which can be combined. The aim is to bring life, round-a-clock activities, new layers and an convenient access to the river side from the quarters.

Twingi Land Art Exhibition, Binntal, Switzerland
RaivioBumann is happy to be invited as one of the participants of the Twingi LandArt exhibition. The land-art path is in the mountainous Binntal in the Swiss canton of Valais and opened in June. With our installation “Parabiose” we are examining the ambivalence of human built interaction in natural landscape via themes of aesthetics and destruction.

Placemaking for cultural heritage site
We are developing a placemaking strategy for old tile factory and it´s surroundings in Jokela for the municipality of Tuusula. The process includes participation, planning and designing as well as developing future visions for the site and the protected red brick buildings. We are also developing ways to visualise the history of the tile factory in the public space – making is easily available for visitors.

Concept development
RaivioBumann’s Green Infra -concept has received a development grant from AVEK. The grant is for thematic urban development projects. Green Infra -concept is examining how cities can build systematic green infrastructure by optimising the use of space and by identifying new partnerships. Follow our homepage for latest updates on the project during 2019.

Developing the urban environments and plinths in smaller cities
Kortteeri is a project developing new models for enlivening city centres and “the plinth” in small and medium sized cities, utilising community art and urban design methods. Päivi is facilitating and consulting in the project, funded by European Social Fund and run by SAMK and partners in four Finnish cities.

We are now part of the Placemaking Leadership Council – a global network of professionals working for better public spaces.