A joint award by the City of Helsinki and Helsinki Design Week recognizes a designer or a design team for making Helsinki a better place to live in. The winner of the 2022 Helsinki Design Award is designer Päivi Raivio. Read more about the award and jury’s comments.

Photo: Iiris Sjöblad

Placemaking Week EUROPE 2022

Placemaking Week will take place in the city of Pontevedra, Spain. We are part of a team which is co-creating a session on Urban Play. We will also present the Malmi Placemaking project together with the city of Helsinki placemaking team. See you in Pontevedra!

Circular Sauna. Image: Planetary Architecture

Circular Sauna

Circular Sauna is a frontrunner project to create a carbon-neutral, sustainable sauna experience.  The sauna is heated with biowaste which is processed to biogas with a  biodigester. The sauna combines the ecological sauna concept by RaivioBumann, innovative wooden architecture by architect Pekka Pakkanen (Planetary Architecture) and biogas-engineering by Niko Rolamo. 

Parkly – happy places, liveable cities

We founded Parkly to fast-track the transformation of public places and to accelerate sustainable urban change. We believe that happy places and happy people go hand in hand. 

Parkly transforms public places with a modular, scalable solution, by creating a platform for hanging out and enjoying the urban greenscape. It a platform for co-creation and participation. Read more about Parkly’s first adventurous year here. 

Virta – public art work will be built in Lahti in 2023

Our proposal Virta won the first prize for a public art competition in 2019 organised by the city of Lahti and YIT for a park in Ruoriniemi residential area. Virta aims to bring life and an active, strong identity for the park. The stream of logs can be viewed from the upper floors of the surrounding residential buildings. Virta invites people to walk, balance and sit on the colored logs – and to encounter others. Read more.

Placemaking Leader

Päivi from RaivioBumann is joining the group of Placemaking Leaders from 2021 onwards. The leaders  help push the growth the Placemaking Europe network all over Europe and act as a connector, and spark for their country’s placemaking initiatives.

Welcoming places for all 

Our City? Countering exclusion in public space -book (Stipo 2019) covers topics such as gentrification, touristification, inclusion and desigining with people and many more. Our placemaking project for Lähiöprojekti Meri-Rastilamme  is introduced as a local case study of how to turn an unwelcoming public square into an inclusive place for all.

The book is now out and can be ordered via this link.