Placemaking Leader 2021
Päivi from RaivioBumann is joining the group of Placemaking Leaders for 2021. The leaders  help push the growth the Placemaking Europe network all over Europe and act as a connector, and spark for their country’s placemaking initiatives.

Vuosaari Soft City – public art project
Our long collaboration with cultural centre Vuotalo continues with a commissioned work, which focuses on the transit of the neighbouring highschool into a new building in the spring 2021. The project examines the meaning of locations to sense of neighbourhoodness, the identity of buildings and how to communicate the inner world of a building, to the public space. This three-part project has interventions in the spring and autumn in 2020 and the final one, in the new building in 2021.

Green Infra – concept release and first projects
RaivioBumann’s Green Infra -concept is examining how cities can build systematic green infrastructure by optimising the use of space and by identifying new partnerships. The concept development is now ready and the first project is confirmed: together with biologists we are designing a tranformation of an roof top into a pollinator friendly meadow with native plants. The site, Munkkisaari power plant is owned by Helen (Helsinki Energy). Green Infra website will be released soon. The Facebook page can be found here. 

Book release
Our City? Countering exclusion in public space -book (Stipo 2019) covers topics such as gentrification, touristification, inclusion and desigining with people and many more. Our placemaking project for Lähiöprojekti Meri-Rastilamme  is introduced as a local case study of how to turn an unwelcoming public square into an inclusive place for all.

The book is now out and can be ordered via this link.

Virta wins the first prize in a public art competition in Lahti
Our proposal Virta won the first prize for a public art competition organised by the city of Lahti and YIT for a park in Ruoriniemi residential area. Virta aims to bring life and an active, strong identity for the park. The stream of logs can be viewed from the upper floors of the surrounding residential buildings. Virta invites people to walk, balance and sit on the colored logs – and to encounter others. The work will be realised in 2022. Read more.

We are now part of the Placemaking Leadership Council – a global network of professionals working for better public spaces.