Vuotalo artists residency is now completed and as a result an exhibition of works exploring the theme of high-rise buildings is open in the Vuotalo Gallery until August 2018. The exhibitions consists of an interactive automata – a scalemodel, which you one can change by turning it´s wheels and a set of posters, which present high-rise plans or realised buildings around the world utilising the language of old school adverts.

Collaboration with Helsinki City Museum
We are designing furniture with site specific elements to one of the courtyards of the City Museum. The aim is to activate a disused space and extend the museum to the public space. The furniture will be produced during the spring and ready for the summer 2018.

Collaboration with Maunula-talo
We are developing ideas for Maunula-talo’s “common back yard” – an idea sparking from the users of the community house. During the process we will collect ideas and turn them into realisable solutions and elements for the back yard.

During 2017-2019 we have a working grant from Koneen Säätiö to support our artistic development. As a result we are producing three works about or in public space. First work in the series was the exhibition Sammelsurium in Vuotalo.

We are now part of the Placemaking Leadership Council – a global network of professionals working for better public spaces.