We founded Parkly to fast-track the transformation of public places and to accelerate sustainable urban change. We believe that happy places and happy people go hand in hand.

Modular, circular and smart:
Parkly transforms public places with a modular, scalable solution, by creating a platform for hanging out and enjoying the urban greenscape. Parkly modules are easy to mix and match, scale up and down, and use in different locations.

Parkly is a platform for collaboration and urban innovation.

More urban green! The green Parkly modules provide more biodiversity with pollinator friendly plants, more edible experiences with urban gardening boxes, and more trees to public places.

Platform for co-creation:
We are building up the module catalogue with a co-creation model and offer custom designs too. Parkly is a tool for making participation easy and visible for participants and planners alike. Together with our collaborators we offer services ranging from workshops, green care, maintenance, planning and consultation, and data collecting.

Circular at heart:
Parkly is created with sustainability at its core. It is part of the circular economy striving for the wise use of resources, and long life cycles. Our goal for Parkly is to pave the way for the green transition in cities by making the transformation of public places easy and inspiring. For every Parkly module produced we compensate 20 square meters of old-growth forest in Finland via the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation.

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Parkly in Lucern, Switzerland transforming a street into a place for people.

Parkly X Innogreen modular green wall lowered traffic noise and provided a lush and inviting place to sit down and enjoy the urban space.
Parkly pocket park in Telakkaranta, Turku provides seating on the riverside to promote walkability.

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