Saturday 4th of February 1-4 pm
RealSpace, Pursimiehenkatu 13

What are social ecological cities and how to design them? This event explores the common goal of designing cities with focus on humanity, society and human relation to nature and the environment.

The speakers of the event will provide different viewpoints of the interdisciplinary intersection of urban design, landscape architecture, sociology, ecology and behavioral sciences and present inspiring case-examples of urban design and placemaking in which the city is first and foremost a place for humanity and an exemplary example of a new environmental balance. The event consists of inspiring presentations and a panel discussion with a special guest from the Netherlands: Robbert Jan van der Veen, Founder ECHO Urban Design and lecturer in TU Delft.

The goal of the event is to share international expert insights and together explore new ideas and approaches for social, ecological, sustainable and caring cities. A blog article will be published about the key findings after the event.  

The event also includes a short workshop with a walk in Punavuori district and experimenting with The workshop is a chance to exchange ideas and try out different approaches presented during the talks.

Other speakers include:
Päivi Raivio, urban designer, placemaker, founder of Parkly & RaivioBumann
Ilkka Törmä, architect, urban designer and researcher, writer at Outlines
Fernando Gutierrez, researcher and tutor at the Bartlett University College London
Timo Hämäläinen, urban geographer and urbanist, writer at UrbanFinland
Damiano Cerrone, urbanist, SpinUnit & UrbanistAI

The event is part of Architecture and Design Days 2022 and it is organised by RaivioBumann with the support from the Netherlands Embassy. The event is hosted by RealSpace & SpinUnit.

Registration by 29th of January by email:
The capacity of the event is 40 participants. The language of the event is English.