Light Swing is an interactive installation which combines play and movement. The rhythm of the swinging movement produces energy to illuminate the Light Swing. The swing design belongs to the WINTER IN HEL-concept, which is developed by Päivi Raivio & Daniel Bumann to enliven public places during cold and dark seasons.

Many placemaking and public art projects are realised during warm seasons and there is need for new ideas and visions for steering away from the excuse of “bad weather causes boring public places”.

Light is seen as one of the main elements for enlivening public spaces during the darker seasons. Many of the current solutions are visual, static and they also consume energy. Light Swing tackles this by combining active participation, self-powering mechanism, play and light.

The swing is exhibited in DESIGN IN PUBLIC SPACE. THE NORTH WIND DOES BLOW… exhibition in Poland, Zamek Cieszyn centre for material culture and design 12.12.2021–27.02.2022.

“The projects and best practices presented here translate into a series of solutions that may serve as an inspiration to introduce change in the nearest surroundings. These projects are meant to ensure safety, improve comfort, provide access to clean air and warmth, and facilitate physical activity. The north wind may blow and there may be snow, but this only widens the scope of opportunities. Let’s remember, though, that winters as we know them – with wind, snow, frost, and crystal-clear air – are becoming but a memory. Perhaps this year we won’t treat winter only as a passage to spring?”

The curator of the exhibition is Anna Kaleta.

Thank you Steve Maher assisting with the mechanical solutions.
Winter in HEL -logo is designed by Matthias Waser.

Light Swing featured in Pop-Up-City blog.

Photos: Sami Perttilä