Urban Food exhibition in Helsinki City Museum (15 May – 27 September 2020) offered glimpses into the future of urban food. The exhibition posed a question to visitors: Can cities be pioneers in creating new, more sustainable food production? 
The exhibition concept focuses in a dialogue in which specialists and actors in various fields answer questions asked by young people. Instead of offering ready-made answers, the exhibition compiles reflections, visions, solutions and examples that could allow the production of enough food for everyone while
reducing the load on the environment. 

The exhibition illustrated new food production methods, such as hydroponic (water) and aeroponic (air) farming solutions and the future of the food industry. The exhibition also offers recipes to inspire changes in personal consumption habits.

The exhibition will also spread outside the museum: satellite works provided people with an introduction to urban food in Malmi and Itäkeskus.

The exhibition concept was developed in an exhibition team consisting of the NGO Dodo and Helsinki City Museum staff led by producer Johanna Björkman.

Exhibition and satellite architecture: Daniel Bumann
Exhibition and satellite planning: Päivi Raivio
Graphic design: Ilkka Kärkkäinen

Photos of the exhibition: Helsinki City Museum
Photos of the satellites: Päivi Raivio