Tila toiseen is a public art and urban design project which is examining the public space and it´s dynamics in Vuosaari centre, specifically around and in between Vuotalo cultural centre and Vuosaari High School. The link and neighbourness is about to change when the new highschool building will be ready in 2021.

The dynamics of the public space, how young people perceive and experience it and see it, is in the centre of the the project. By discussing and testing ideas and thoughts, we aim to break the unwritten rules of the public space and to open it to a platform in which more social exchange can occur. The aim is also inspire the young students to express themselves more freely in the public space, whether it is by more noise, more movement, more languages or by finding new ways to be in a space. During the project we are also collecting elements and stories for a “soft city” map of the area, which helps us to understand the spatial, everyday experience.

The project consists of workshops, questionnaires as well as discussions and interventions. A temporary public art work will be realised as the final part of the project, during spring 2021.

The project is commissioned by Vuotalo Cultural Centre and the project is realised in collaboration with Vuosaari High School.

Workshop and discussions in Vuotalo Gallery. Photo: Päivi Raivio
Visualising dialogue in Vuotalo Gallery. Photo: Päivi Raivio
Intervention on a public square. Photo: Sami Perttilä
Taking over a small park which the students think, is quite dark and a slightly intimidating place. Photo: Sami Perttilä
A space in between. Photo: Sami Perttilä