Since 2019 we have been facilitating different actions to enliven the Jokela Brick Factory area. The municipality owned, listed building and surroundings have been for a long time a storage space with few tenants. From 2019 onwards, the municipality of Tuusula has started a process to gradually develop and activate the area.

Our role has been facilitating the partitopary process with existing users and the residents of Jokela as well as different municipality sectors such as cultural and museum sector, city planning department and educational department. We also been designing activating elements, such as benches and outdoor museum stands to mark the area, to highligh the local history as well as to enable small activities.

Permanent outdoor exhibition about the local history. Photo: Päivi Raivio

As a result of the process a new model for a community house was established, the local history is more visible and present in and outdoors and the future visions of the are have been exhibited in a temporary outdoor exhibition in collaboration with Aalto University and Tuusula municipality. The activities and small events have attracted a great number of people, who have never visited the area and thus has helped to raise awareness of both the area itself as well as the future visions of Jokela Brick Factory.

The storage was thoroughly cleaned in the beginning of the project to enable a safe use of the building. Photo: Päivi Raivio
Workshop about the community house with community manager Katja Repo. Photo: Päivi Raivio
Outdoor exhibition about the future visions of Jokela by Aalto University architect students. The exhibition is designed and produced by RaivioBumann. Photo: Päivi Raivio