Kuuletko Helsinki? Kuuletko turku?

Kuuletko? -project is a combination of urban geography, cultural mapping and sound art. During the covid-restrictions we, together with designer Aino Tuovinen, designed a project in which we could provide a new way to experience a place and to connect to other people. Sound artist and designer Mikko Haapoja’s Helsingin Reitit (Routes of Helsinki) is strongly linked to the project in Helsinki.

The sound pieces include recordings from the site and spoken word which is based on material we have collected from the citizens. Combined with archive material, the stories entagle with historical facts and curiosities.

Concept and design: Päivi Raivio & Aino Tuovinen
Sound and mixing: Mikko H. Haapoja
Communications: Moona Tikka (Kuuletko Turku?)
Text editing: Laura Iisalo
Reading: Tiina Harpf and Eero Yli-Vakkuri

Kuuletko Helsinki
Tuomiokirkon portaat, Vuosaaren huippu, Kaisaniemi-Hakaniemi-Merihaka (Öinen Helsinki)

Kuuletko Turku
Ekoluoto, Föri, Tiedepuisto

Recording in Vuosaari. Photo: Mikko H. Haapoja