Helsinki Market Square: Places for People

Helsinki Market Square has two new places for people: what used to be a car park and is now transformed into two hang outs on the waterfront.

These spots are for enjoying the sea view, having your snacks from the Market and the Old Market Hall and just stopping by.

The stage and a seating area designed by Studio Puisto Arkkitehdit, “Archipelago”, is situated next to the Suomenlinna ferry terminal. It can be used for small events and it also hosts open dance lessons to all weekly.

The Pop Up Park, designed by us, is located next to Old Market Hall – providing a free, open for all terrace for the visitors. The artwork Seascape/Merinäkymä is by Petri Eskelinen: it brings the water element almost tangible and gives a totally new viewpoint to our beloved Sea-Helsinki. 

Commissioned by Torikorttelit / Helsinki City. Collaboration with Studio Puisto Architects. Manufactured by Protos Demos.

Cover image by Jussi Hellsten.

Photo: Jussi Hellsten
Photo: Jussi Hellsten