Pollination Station / Pölytysasema

Pollination Station was a temporary installation which examines empty urban spaces and surfaces as a potential infra which can support urban ecology and biodiversity. It also highlights that what might seem empty, is often not: urban nature exists everywhere and in this spot there is more than ten plant species growing already before the installation, some of them edible. The plants in this installation were pollinator friendly.

Pollination Station is part of Green Infra concept, which we are developing with the support of AVEK. The urban design concept offers solution for cities, municipalities and companies to green their premises and infrastructure with a site-specific, socially and ecologically sustainable and innovative ways.

We thank the volunteers of the local community for the help caring for the plants over the summer. The installation was dismantled in the end of the summer and we distributed the plant boxes to a homeless day centre and Turntable – the urban gardening centre, run by Dodo – to create continuation of the project in the district.

The project was funded by Koneen Säätiö – Kone Foundation and supported by HELEN OY.

Planting with Kaisa Viitanen and other volunteers.