As an invited artists in residence of Vuotalo Gallery, we continued the thematic work of exploring the district from a variety of angles – finally focusing on the future of the district as a home of a growing number of high rise buildings. We wanted to turn the seriousness of the debate into acts of play and the abstract time lines and scale of developments into something tangible. The exhibition consists of two art works introduced below. 

Vuosaari Automata
Turn the wheel and change the high rise scenery. The mechanic Vuosaari Automata transforms the large scale of architecture and the big time span changes of the landscape into a tangible, evolving experience. Automata refers to a theory or a device, which can be solved by using it. Without the users – the people – the work is static and fixed, just like a city.

Reklaamit (an old Finnish word for adverts)
The Reklaamit posters present realised and planned high rise projects from around the world. By using comics and old school ad’s as a visual language, we aim to lighten up the theme open for opinions; play with both – the seriousness of the topic and the language of consumerism. In these real life examples the building is something more than a building and a storage of everyday living: they are alternatives, even utopias, which are already reality elsewhere in the world.