Sammelsurium is an installation and series of art works which explore the district of Vuosaari situated in the east of Helsinki. During the process we examined the residential architecture by documenting details and features. The selected details were processed them into classical wallpapers, pillows and a giant mobile. The idea was to represent “the ordinary” in different, more tangible or classical forms and to play with the established visual identity of the area.

The Souvenirs -space is presenting imaginary souvenirs from an imaginary tourist resort. By turning local features and anecdotes into products, we wanted to highlight how our perceptions are formed: do we value an area higher when it´s represented through a product? During the process of developing the products – like the giant souvenir pennant – we freely mixed our own perceptions, imaginary stories and true facts together.

This site specific exhibition concept can be realised in any other district or a city.

The exhibition is open until 27th of January 2018.

The exhibition is produced by Vuotalo and the artistic work is supported by Koneen Säätiö.

Photos: Hanna Råst.