Tunne+Tila is a site-specific environmental installation. The placemaking-process includes edible plants, gardening and community action. As a result abandoned spaces or spaces-in-between are turned into experiential sites.

The 2016 installation site was co-planned with city of Oulu. The chosen site, next to Oulu City Theatre is an in-between space in the centre of Oulu, bordered by the concrete brutalist building and the sea. The vast space is popular with youth, but has no specific features as such. Throughout the summer, the work has been used for leisure, stop overs and small events and the garden has been tended by gardeners from the Centre of Sustainable Development.

The installation element mixes organic, order and disorder. Inspired by the aerial photos of field landscapes, it also refers to built environment and the in betweens.

TUNNE+TILA is part of the project A Sense of Place by the Union for Rural Education and it is supported by Koneen Säätiö. In collaboration with City of Oulu, Oulu Art Museum pedagogical department and Centre of Sustainable Development (Kestävän kehityksen keskus).