Meri-Rastilamme is a placemaking project, in collaboration with Lähiöprojekti, Helsinki City. The cityscape of Meri-Rastila is livened up in summer 2016 by means of urban gardens and a route from the metro station to the seashore.

The route will feature urban gardens to be built in the Meri-Rastila square and Iso Kallahti park. The urban gardens will invite residents to meet each other in a green environment:

The verdant urban garden of the Meri-Rastila square will invite people to sit and relax, and perhaps even enjoy some take-away coffees. The plants are taken care of by the Youth Department’s Lähiöpuutarha (Neighbourhood Garden) project and we will taste the harvest together in August.

The garden near Sjökulla croft is a meeting place for urban gardeners. The plants are grown by various residents’ associations and groups. There are seating among the planters, so the garden also invites passers-by to stop for a while.


Photo: Jalmari Sarla
Photo: Jalmari Sarla