Tunne+Tila is a series of site-specific environmental installations in 2014-2016. The placemaking process includes edible plants, gardening and community action. As a result abandoned spaces or spaces-in-between are turned into experiential sites. The first installation in the series was situated in the garden of a disused house in Rauma.

The installation and it´s pavilion frames invite people to stop and linger in the wild garden. Activating the space the installation gives it a temporary identity and sparks discussion among the habitants of Rauma about the future of Sepän talo. Edible plants were planted in the garden, which were grown and planted by children from local schools and taken care by local youth throughout the summer.

TUNNE+TILA is part of the project A Sense of Place by the Union for Rural Education and it is supported by Koneen Säätiö. Production in collaboration with RaumArs.