Logs and Pumpkins. Tunne+Tila in Varkaus

Tunne+Tila is a series of site-specific environmental installations in 2014-2016. The placemaking-process includes edible plants, gardening and community action. As a result abandoned spaces or spaces-in-between are turned into experiential sites.

In 2015 the Museum of Varkaus took to the streets and, following a location-adoption model, opened the Peltola house and its garden for cultural activities for the summer season. Tunne+Tila turned the garden into an island made of logs inviting visitors to pause and explore within. The temporary landmark highlighted the occupation and activities to passers-by bringing new people to Peltola.

TUNNE+TILA is part of the project A Sense of Place by the Union for Rural Education and it is supported by Koneen Säätiö. Production in collaboration with Varkauden Museot and local schools.